20th Century Fox: Don’t F*** Up Peanuts

Dear 20th Century Fox,

Do not fuck up the Peanuts movie.

I consider that more of a forceful suggestion than an ultimatum but it bears repeating over and over again: do not fuck up Peanuts.

Do not even think about it.

Don’t fuck it up a little bit. Don’t fuck it up a lot.

Just make it perfect, for Christ’s sake. I know that’s asking a lot, but…yeah, okay, that’s asking for way too dammed much.

It’s just that I freaking love everything about Peanuts. I may have even loved it before I loved Star Wars. I have friends who think I’m insane for still holding onto Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, etc. so dearly. I really don’t want you guys to shit the bed on this. My holiday season 2015 can do without that. I’ve seen that abysmal Fantastic Four movie you guys made earlier this year. I have seen just how bad you guys can fuck up.

Do not fuck up Peanuts. You can manage that, can’t you Fox?


Kyle P. Wise

P.S. Don’t fuck this up.