The Brilliance of the Ahsoka Face

Ahsoka in a state of shock. Image courtesy of Agents of Geek.

Ahsoka in a state of shock. Image courtesy of Agents of Geek.

During “The Siege of Lothal,” the second season premiere of Disney XD’s “Star Wars Rebels” animated series (read my thoughts on it here), there is a cool moment when Ahsoka reaches out with the Force and ascertains the identity of the Sith lord pursuing The Ghost: her former master, Anakin Skywalker. It’s some fairly heavy shit and it will no doubt be setting up even more heavy – and potentially tragic – shit down the line in season two.

While I thought it was great, the most memorable take away I have from that scene is the face Ahsoka makes in the above photo when she makes that awful realization. This is quite possibly the greatest face conveying shock and horror I’ve ever seen. It is also my new favorite facial expression. Expect this to become my go to JPEG when I need to express those same emotions in a comments thread.

I bring all of this up because I want to make a fun game out of this face by re-contextualizing Ahsoka’s expression with alternate scenarios where looking like that is a reasonable reaction. Now let’s add some levity to “Star Wars Rebels’” most dramatic moment.

  1. Ahsoka is a Cavaliers fan.
  2. Ahsoka just watched the brass knuckles scene from “True Detective’s” season premier.
  3. Ahsoka just listened to The Acacia Strain for the first time.
  4. Ahsoka just watched the Patrón Challenge.
  5. Ahsoka has overheard Obi-wan and Yoda using the term “turnt” in casual conversation.
  6. Ahsoka has just learned that the last In-N-Out on Coruscant has closed.
  7. Ahsoka found the search term “Togruta bukkake” in Anakin’s browser history.
  8. Ahsoka has just finished issue #15 of “Miracleman.”
  9. Ahsoka just became the first non-Wookie to actually see Wookie genitalia.
  10. Ahsoka just realized that the younglings in lightsaber practice aren’t using the safety blades.
  11. Ahsoka just read a sample of erotic “Luxsoka” fanfic.
  12. Ahsoka just discovered an early screenplay draft of “Revenge of the Sith” that prominently featured her, stuffed in George Lucas’ medicine cabinet.*

Wasn’t that fun? Please contribute your own Ahsoka Face Moment in the comments section.

*Rest assured, this was never a possibility. To my knowledge, Ahsoka Tano did not exist prior to development on “The Clone Wars” (both the theatrical film and the subsequent Cartoon Network series) in 2008.