New Batman v Superman Trailer is Basically the Entire Movie

Alright then. I guess there is now absolutely no need to go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I mean, why the hell would you? WB pretty much gave us the gist of the whole movie within a span of three minutes. That and we already got this other movie about superheroes duking it out so I might as well save some wallet space and settle for one serving.


Guys, I’m kidding. It’s freaking Batman and freaking Superman in the same movie as freaking Wonder Woman. Of course I’m going to see this.


I know I shouldn’t say this before I watch the movie, but I despise Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. In fact, I hope Superman breaks his neck too and then throws 10 buildings on top of him just to make sure the job is finished. A franchise without this version of Luthor will totally be worth the legion of fanboys moaning about Superman killing a guy (again) and breaking a city (again).*


Ben Affleck is the highlight here. From the glimpses we get of him as Bruce Wayne, he walks the walk and talks the talk pretty damn well. He fills out the Batsuit comfortably and I like the Bat-voice so far. I’m pretty sure Affleck is the last thing we should worry about. Other positives: flying monster thingies that are probably Parademons (please yes because that means this guy), the Wonder Woman costume looks great and Henry Cavill might get to do something other than pout now that he’s in mild-mannered reporter mode.


As for Doomsday showing up, I could honestly take or leave the guy; I have no strong opinions regarding the rock monster that killed Superman. That reveal of Zod’s corpse (which pre-dates this trailer) meant some sort of mad science-birthed super monster was in the cards, because the trio is going to need a heavy to punch around for the finale once everyone inevitably becomes friends.


I’m still iffy as hell on this and this extended and pretty damn revealing trailer is yet another mixed bag of stuff I like and don’t like. We shall see on March 25.



*Kidding again. Superman should not do either of those things and I’m all for not repeating the mistakes of Man of Steel.

4 thoughts on “New Batman v Superman Trailer is Basically the Entire Movie

  1. Mixed bag for sure! I like Affleck’s take on Bruce Wayne. And, while I had issues with Man of Steel, Henry Cavill looks much more comfortable in the role this time. But. like Terminator Genysis, this gives away too much. That movie was bad, but I have to admit the big reveal would have been interesting if the trailer didn’t give it away. Fans know that Batman and Superman will patch things up, give each other a hug, and bring about the dawn of justice. But the marketing should keep the conflict between the two at the center. I did like the scene in the beginning with Bruce and Clark. Maybe I’m being an old comic fan, but I didn’t like Eisenberg’s introduction as Lex Luthor, but I do think it’s a bit of a red herring. Okay, enough ranting. Hopefully, the film will be great, but I have some concerns.


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