An Ode to Chelsea Wolfe

You are presumably a person who likes good music, so I’m going to do you a favor and point some out for you: meet Chelsea Wolfe.

You’ve probably never heard of her (*cracks open PBR can*). She’s originally from Sacramento and has been making music for just about all of her life. Despite not having any real qualifications to critiquing or categorizing music, I’m going to try to do precisely that. Think of her stuff as dark, ambient, electronic-flavored folk music. Yeah, I know that doesn’t exactly blow the pants off most people, but just watch the above music video.

Holy crap, what the hell did I just watch?! I don’t usually mean that in a positive sense, but this is a day for treading new ground. I mean, “Carrion Flowers” is just sick. Every time I throw that shit on, I feel like I’m about to step into a monstrously difficult boss battle, which is a feeling I typically don’t associate with folk music, electronic or otherwise. This song in particular has caused me to coin a new subgenre to describe Wolfe’s sound. I’m going to call it “Zerg folk.”

Statistics say that you are probably a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones, where you have definitely heard one of her previous singles, “Feral Love.” It graced your ears in that spectacular trailer for season four. On that note, I’ve pretty much accepted it as set-in-stone fact that many future dark fantasy and/or sci-fi series will be raiding her discography to add some nightmarish edge to trailers, promo materials and motion picture soundtracks. It’s just too good to pass up.

Check out Wolfe’s latest release, Abyss, which is out now on Sargent House. I sure as hell will. Since the Niners took yet another bold step towards going 5-11 this season, I could use a pleasant distraction.

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