I Had the Worst Breakfast Ever This Week

The worst breakfast of all time. Photo by me.

The worst breakfast of all time. Photo by me.

The breakfast I had on Tuesday was bullshit.

Look at that. There it is in the photo above. Those are not donuts. If anything, that is like the opposite of donuts. And since I am in a work environment where there are donuts, bagels and every sort of coffee, tea and fancy smoothie you can imagine, this is especially frustrating. Carrots, green beans and some exceptionally sour apples were my Tuesday breakfast and it was awful.

I guess that’s my way of trying to get back on track eating-wise this week, at least until my sister and her husband start to move out on Saturday, where they will no doubt bribe the help (me and the rest of the family) with something tasty. Still, might as well try to hold it together until then.

Too late, I had a latte an hour before writing this.

Healthy food doesn’t have to suck, but that plate of produce (hastily assembled the night before when it was close to bedtime and I wasn’t feeling very inspired) was just about the worst breakfast I ever had. Here’s to hopefully no more. The rice I that I broke my fast with the following day was positively exotic by comparison.

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